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released November 12, 2015

Ben, Jeremy, Phil

Engineering/Mixing/Mastering by Sean Nielsen at Pinpoint Recording

"Hazed" music video by Ryan Ohm at Weird Life:

Thanks to Luisa Castellanos for the cover art:



all rights reserved


Engine Summer Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Hazed
Hey there, sitting in the shade
look pretty clever, but your mind’s already made
how can I even try to break a smile?
with feet like butter & a heart’s desire

Hey there, waiting for a sign
Something you learn before you can drive
How can I even try to switch the mode?
Those cherry gloss lips bite like a TV show

Think too deep & the world seems to tumble on down
But sink too far and ya just wind up at the start

Hey there, counting off the days
‘Till your eyes and the screen are one of the same
How can I even try to switch the mode?
Mind over matter cements your role
Track Name: Bollywood
Hey can we say it’s a nightmare?
And sell our money for gold?
I saw the signals down in Bollywood
Or was it all just for show?
Hey can we move to the city?
And can we call it our own?
I think there’s some rule about it, maybe
And I don’t wanna lose control

If you care go to sleep
(Out of luck, out of time, no mistakes)
If you care go to sleep
(Keep it movin’ you‘re groovin’ in and out of place)
Try to see through the lines
Of every gesture, maybe
It’s not the things you say it’s the attitude
Try to reap what you sow
No right or wrong about it
There’s just the way it echoes like 1-2-3

Hey can we go undercover?
Just to try it all out?
Another place another time a new body
Or am I selling them out?
Hey can you count to eleven?
Cuz that’s the pain in my head
I got a symptom of some kinda monster
but maybe I am the victim
Track Name: Broadband
I got a place that your father should know
Not a place but a dot on the globe
Where he can lose it no need to choose it
But he’ll leave you cold
Gamblin’ man’s got no family plans
Nor a house just his promised land
Where he can lose it no need to choose it
But he’ll leave you cold
Track Name: Cycles
Blood-drained mind
Sippin' from the cursed wine
How could you, why would you, do this to yourself
Drummed up pain
An exasperated wave
Shift my tracks to the lucid side

Oooo why ya goin goin goin lofi
The more you manic, the more you try
(Ya gotta wonder)
Hold onto the line before you die
(So ya wonder)
Oooo why ya formin' formin' in my mind
(Ya gotta hope that)
Hear you screaming, screaming through the night
(So ya hope that)
Sun's a comin up and its back in sight
(I really hope that)

Sick my friend
Same old mistakes again
How could I, why would I, do this to myself
In a thoughtful place
Take a drag and relax the mind

Shape-shift, oh ya, shape-shift
How you gonna make your life alright wastin, wishing like this
Oh swing by, oh my ma my, what cha gonna do
When you gonna make it like ya never, oh then I see all of it.
Track Name: Hivemind
Why so judgmental
Guess it's just how we're raised
Tangled thorns and explosives
We're all set to start the blaze
You can't cope, gotta have your way
No more hope, just live today

Awake, awake, awake, awake again

Twists in the rhetoric
gonna lead your thoughts astray
Brazen minds are helpless
When so few speak that way
You can't cope, gotta have your way
No more hope, just live today

Awake, awake, awake, awake again

Never mind you’re occupied by the trivial
Day to day you come to think it’s you vs. them